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GIRDER & PANEL Buildings

GIRDER AND PANEL BUILDING SETS. Educational Building, Construction Toys and Science Fair Kits By Bridge Street Toys Girder & Panel is a toy construction building set, appropriate for ages 6-12, with which you can build buildings, bridges and power plants with beams, columns, footers, wall panels and roof panels. Build bridges with the Bridge & Turnpike building set, and a hydro power plant with the Hydrodynamic building set). The building structure kits, when completed, are made to resemble real-life sky-scrapers, fire stations, bank buildings, bridges, pumps, and so on. Originally introduced by Kenner Products in the 1950's, there is an entire generation of engineers and architects that have many fond memories of playing with this set as children. Girder and Panel building sets provide scale parts to construct buildings the same way as real buildings. First the foundation is laid. Then the building's skeleton is built with a framework of girders. Then the wall and window panels are attached to the framework. To finish the buildings, the roof is placed on top and flag poles and signs are added. Girder and Panel buildings look like real buildings when they are finished. The parts are scaled to the common HO scale (1/87). You may be familiar with this scale as it is commonly used for model trains! Many accessories such as cars, trucks, trees, and trains can be added to your model city. Kenner Products Company: These Girder and Panel building sets and spare parts are compatible with the original sets manufactured by Kenner Products Company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, from 1957 until the early 1970s.