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Railway modeling or model railroading is a hobby in which rail transport systems are modeled at a reduced scale. Building a model railroad won't be a simple "loop of track around the Christmas Tree", but the beginnings of a real, scale, model railroad. One that can be a rail line along the east coast, across a section of the midwest or through the Rockies. A model railroad would be something to set up permanently in your basement, recreation room, or other available space. Start easy, with something as a simple as a inner - outer loop of track with a few switches. This may sound boring, but it won't be. After that, grow the railroad by adding scenery, more track, buildings, figures, trackside accessories and so on. Then pretend role-play, performing transporting of freight, switching and car splitting in miniature - just like the real thing - detailed all the way down to the diesel loco sounds coming from the engine. We carry the largest selection of Scale Model Railroading supplies, Trains and Scale Model Railroad Miniatures and Railroad Diorama Accessories in N Scale, HO Scale, O Scale and G Scale.