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Fiber Optics & Fluorescents

Fiber Optics, Lighting, Fluorescent Fiber Optic Strand, Fiber, Rod & Sheet for Scale Modeling, Miniature Signs, Miniature Neon Signs, Neon Lights, Miniature Auto Head Lights, Auto Turn Signals, Street Signals, Train Signals, Miniature Theater Marques and Model Railroading. FLUORESCENT ACRYLIC ROUND ROD A unique additive in the Acrylic actually gathers light from the sides of the rod and emits it from the ends. Originally developed for education, creative modelers are finding many other uses, including switch lights, auto tail lights, candles and neon signage. New Acrylic formula allows flexibility on 1/8"(3.2mm) and smaller size rods not known to Acrylic Plastics. Precision Extruded in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow Fluorescent Colored Acrylic Plastic. FLUORESCENT ACRYLIC SHEET Thin Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet to match our fluorescent rods. Unlike other Acrylics, this Acrylic sheet is quite flexible. Light is gathered across the sheet surface and is emitted at the edges. Narrow strips can represent marquee neon signage. Images etched on the face surface also glow. Popular with R/C hobbyists. Precision Extruded. CLEAR FIBRE OPTICS LIGHTING Use the lighting technique of tomorrow, today. Light an entire city with one light bulb. Verasatile and easy to use; instructions come with each purchase. The only thing not included is the light source. Available in loose strands or on bulk spools.