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1 Inch Scale Dollhouse KITS

1 Inch Scale Wooden Dollhouse Kits by House That Jack Built and Real Good Toys. House That Jack Built and Real Good Toys Wooden Dollhouse kits are available in many different styles from Victorian, Salt Box, Country Farm House, Mansard style, Bostonian, Georgian, and more. These unpainted 1 inch scale wood dollhouse kits come either plain wood sided, or clapboard sided. All kits come with illustrated instructions. Real Good Toys also offers room boxes, viginettes and display cases. *PLEASE NOTE: Real Good Toys Dollhouse description of dollhouse styles and finishes terms are as follows. A Real Good Toys Dollhouse with "MILLED" finish implies that the outer walls of the Real Good Toys Dollhouse have a clapboard siding finish/look that is routed (milled) onto the surface of the Plywood or MDF wood. This means that there is no need for adding exterior clapboard siding on the Real Good Toys Dollhouse, because it is prefinished in the clapboard look, however the interior surface of th Real Good Toys Dollhouse (the wall surface that faces the inside of the dollhouse) is smooth. A Real Good Toys Dollhouse with a "SMOOTH PLYWOOD" finish implies that there is no exterior clapboard siding look (just a plain smooth wood exterior surface). The plain surface is great for applying an exterior brick, stone, shingle or stucco finish. A Real Good Toys Dollhouse with "MDF" means the Real Good Toys Dollhouse was made with "medium density fiberboard", which is more economical than the multi-layered cabinet-grade quality Plywood. A Real Good Toys Dollhouse with a "SCORED" finish implies that the exterior surface has shallow/light grooves etched into the wood to economically give the exterior walls of the Real Good Toys Dollhouse an appearance of having a non-descript vertical board finish. "Complete Kit" comes with unpainted windows, doors and trims as shown (finished/painted). Some kits also include shingles. Wood glue, sandpaper, small hammer are not included. Quik Glue or Testors wood glue is recommended for installing the architectural components and shingles.