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Kid's Stitching & Weaving Crafts

Knitting, Sewing, Crocheting & Latch Hook Craft Kits

No matter if your little one is a craft fanatic or just old enough to start more advanced creative play, you will find knitting, crocheting, sewing, weaving, and latch hook kits from Oakridge Hobbies that match their skill level. Bring home a lath-hook quilt kit so that your child can piece together a blanket. Let them make their own scarf with a crochet kit. From beginner sewing kits to more advanced knitting kits, there is something for every age. Whether they want to make fun fashion accessories like bracelets, headbands, or purses, or would like to work on something more decorative like cross stitch canvases, pillows, and plush toys, there are a variety of fun items that your child can create. Choose a challenging yet doable option. Ideally, you want your child to feel a major sense of accomplishment without being discouraged by the kit being too difficult. Sewing, knitting, and crocheting are all life skills that will often come in handy if they one day desire to create their own clothing or even just mend torn garments. In addition to these helpful skills, creative endeavors also help kids to learn forward thinking and problem solving skills. Explore Oakridge Hobbies' full inventory of knitting, crocheting, sewing, and latch hook kits.